Technical and Quality


We are proud of our highly trained and skilled team of research and analytical chemists at both our Sasolburg and Newcastle sites. The team is involved in ongoing research to investigate and develop the properties, applications and manufacture of synthetic rubbers. 

An important achievement of our team was the development of a new technology, based on neodymium as a catalyst, for the production of polybutadiene with >97% cis-1,4 content, which is marketed worldwide as Neodene. 

More recently, we have been focussed on new and improved catalyst development, as well as new polymers of interest in the synthetic rubber industry. We are able to perform basic rubber compounding and subsequent tests for physical property evaluation, and as such we work in close confidence and collaboration with our customers to develop polymers for their own needs.


Both the Sasolburg and Newcastle manufacturing plants hold international ISO 9001:2008 quality management system accreditation and are audited regularly by the South African Bureau of Standards on behalf of the world body.

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The plants are totally open to customers who are encouraged to carry out their own quality audits relating to their specific product needs.

This transparency and focus on quality is part of Karbochem’s concept of partnership with customers and building of relationships on the basis of trust.

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